Classic 15 & Classic 13.5

   These are 13.5 & 15 foot boats styled after the 1940's family runabouts and small inboards so loved by cottagers on the lakes. The underwater shape is, however, designed for low power and a stable comfortable ride. Available as a five passenger two cockpit outboard, or a two cockpit inboard. Any of the power options are available with the 15 ft. inboard version. The Classic 13.5 is available with any of the power options up to 36 volts. Only the Ray Electric outboards have the look appropriate for the outboard versions. They are built of strip planked cedar hull and decks, marine ply bulkheads, hull covered with clear glass and epoxy for ease of maintenance, and no leaks. All fasteners are of brass, bronze or stainless steel, as required. Finished with your choice of colour for bottom paint and your choice of colour/varnish combinations for topsides, and varnished decks and interior. We only use the highest quality epoxy paints below the waterline and Epijanes yacht paints and varnish. Comes with chromed brass windshield frame and plate windshield in glass or lexan, fifties style bow light, stern light, wood centred steel steering wheel, Morse steering controls, four torpedo cleats, flagstaff and Cdn. pennant style flag, bow and stern eyes for mooring, authentic push/pull light switch, ammeter, and bilge pump.
   With any of the motors the Classic 15 should have a cruising speed of 5 to 9 kilometres per hour and a range between charges of 25 to 85 kilometres, depending on the size of battery bank and speed used. The Classic 13.5 cruises at about 5 to 8 kph. and has a similar range

 Price (without power):  
 Classic 15-Inboard  Prices soon to be posted
                  Outboard  Prices soon to be posted
 Classic 13.5-Inboard  Prices soon to be posted
                    Outboard  Prices soon to be posted
 Options- Installed  
 Bilge pump upgrade- extra capacity-not necessary,  
 lower amp draw- desirable
 Compass- Ritchie Explorer
 Speedometer- useful if you are travelling
distances and want to calculate your range.
 Voltmeter- (Super Accurate) allows monitoring battery bank. Great for extended trips.
 Bow handle
 Step plates if you step on the side decks to
get in or out, these protect the varnish. - each
 Horns- Basic
 Mooring Cover- fitted, your choice of colour


   This boat is powered by inboard style (invisible) Ray Electric Outboard, or Minn Kota trolling motors. For more storage space, or if you like to see your motor- the Ray high thrust electric outboard is the logical choice.
   Prices quoted are for the highest quality Exide golf cart batteries- good for 600 to 1000 cycles. this means that under conditions of 3 charges a week for 20 weeks per summer they should last 10 to 15 years or up to 50,000 km. An automatic charger of the correct voltage is built into the boat. All you need is an outdoor receptacle with G.F.I. protection, and a good extension cord to your dock. You need only remove the batteries (65 lbs. each) when you store your boat for the winter.
   The Min Kota motors are of suitable power to move the boat at hull speed (about 8.5 Kilometres per hour). If, however you plan to be dealing with strong currents, or winds I would recommend one
the higher thrust motors. Speed and forward/reverse controls are dash mounted.
   The Ray motors are built for serious thrust demands and are built to last a lifetime. They are also rated more conservatively, so their power is probably closer to what you could expect. Speed and forward/reverse controls as well as a battery condition meter are dash mounted.

 Prices- Installed Minn Kota  
 RT 70 24 volt- 4 batteries 70 lb. thrust  $ 1889.00
 EM 48 24 volt- 4 batteries 48 lb. thrust  $ 1955.00
 EM 96 24 volt- 4 batteries 96 lb. thrust   $ 2605.00
 Ray Electric Outboard  
 Ray 20036 volt- 6 batteries 135 lb. thrust  $ 6663.00
 Ray 300 only available on the Classic 15
48 volt- 8 batteries 195 lb. thrust
 $ 6942.50


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